Who is James Busby?

James busby head

Here begins the story of one James Busby; Scotsman, viticulturist, and man of the vine.

It’s the story of a journey – a tale of the triumph of ambition.

It’s an adventure. And all the glory that goes with it belongs to Mr Busby.

Having left Edinburgh and extensively toured the vineyards of France, Busby boarded a boat bound for Australia, carrying with him vine cuttings, which he cared for obsessively throughout the arduous journey.

Through typical Scottish resolve, Busby managed to keep most of the vine cuttings alive – and with them, his obsessive dream.

When he arrived on the shores of New South Wales in 1824, Busby was prepared to become what he’d be later be referred to – the Father of Australian Wine.

Busby was a pioneer in pursuit of a noble goal of national importance – and that was to make viable the growth, production and export of Australian wine.

And that’s just what he did. Offshoots of his original cuttings can still be found growing in vineyards throughout Australia to this very day.

From vine trimmings, world renowned vineyards grew. And today, with each glass – we raise a toast to the triumph of Busby’s ambition.

So next time you’re enjoying a drop, remember that this Scottish son, is the father of Australian wine.

  • Old buildings

    1801 - 1801

    James Busby is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Naval ship

    1824 - 1824

    Having studied viticulture in France, Busby emigrates to Australia with his family. With him, he brings vine cuttings that are planted in The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney.

  • Books

    1825 - 1825

    Busby’s publishes ‘A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine and the Art of Making Wine’, establishing himself as an early pioneer of Australian wine.

  • Field scene

    1828 - 1828

    In Carrowbrook, New South Wales, Busby receives a land grant of 2,000 acres and begins working the land.

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    1830 - 1830

    Busby publishes ‘A Manual of Plain Directions for Planting and Cultivating Vineyards and for Making Wine in New South Wales’.

  • Compass vector

    1831 - 1831

    In further pursuit of his passion, Busby travels to Europe to tour the vineyards of France and Spain. Here, he collects more than 20,000 vine cuttings, comprising of over 350 varietals.

  • Grapes vector

    1832 - 1832

    Busby’s cuttings arrive back in Australia and are planted throughout the country.

  • James Busby head vector

    2019 - 2019

    With Australian wine regarded amongst the best in the world, James Busby is rightfully recognised and celebrated as the Father of Australian Wine.